CAPS Designing Communication Solutions - Hill

Designing Communication Solutions combines creativity with technology, marketing and advertising, and is a cutting edge sector of the design world that changes rapidly and connects people worldwide. In Designing Communication Solutions, students are paired with local, national and international organizations for which they prepare materials such as logos, business cards, websites, mobile apps, animations, games and social media. Students will assume the role of a ‚Äúprofessional creative consultant‚ÄĚ and work directly with industry experts from various design fields including graphic design, web design, app design, game design and animation on a routine basis to shape their skills and level of expertise. This exceptional access to industry professionals allows students to understand the competitive nature of the design industry and how to navigate the field over the course of their career. Students will also begin establishing their own personal branding and portfolio. If you are a creative thinker with the ability to work on a team, learn new software and direct your own learning, then this course is for you!